H.264 AV Micro Transmitter
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  • HN-510 Micro COFDM Transmitter: This product is our company's latest micro COFDM 720P HD wireless video transmission equipment,

    using advanced video pre-processing technologies and efficient video coding algorithms, the device have refined on the improve of coding efficiency,reduced coding delay,algorithm optimization,anti-error rate and improve the quality of video, it can be used the lowest rate to achieve the best image compression.


  • low latency, low power consumption
    Support 720P HD resolution and D1 standard resolution
    Support NLOS( Non Line of Sight) , High-speed movement transmission
    Highly integrated modular design
    Small size,Light weight,Easy to carry,using air-cooling fin aluminum shell
    Digital panel display, simple interface, easy to operation

  •  Model




     Power consumption


     Video input

    HDMI: support 720P, D1 standard resolution

    CVBS:NTSC 640×480

    PAL 720×576

    output frequency


    (other frequency on request)



     output power




     Modulation mode


     RF interface






     Guard Interval


     Video processing method


     Parameter control mode

     Through the control panel to set the relevant parameters(or external serial port)

     Operating temperature