Cofdm H.265 encoding module
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  • SK-740ENC H.265 HD encoding module is our latest network encoder,support full-featured interface (HDMI/SDI/CVBS), non-line of sight (NLOS) transmission.The use of the highly efficient and innovative H.265 compression coding method has resulted in fruitful improvement and improvement in improving coding efficiency, reducing coding delay, algorithm optimization, anti-error rate, and further improving image quality. It can combine the SK-710's H.265 COFMD module to realize multi-channel high-definition video for simultaneous transmission.


    The module uses a highly integrated embedded design for high-definition encoding and miniaturized IP processing, supporting low-latency, two-way audio and data real-time transmission applications.Provide high-definition digital broadcasting, security systems, public security, armed police, fire-figting and other fields of applications, widely used in multipath video streaming, high standard unmanned control system, intelligent control equipment.

  • H.265 high-efficiency full HD 1080p compression encoding

    Full-featured interface, HDMI/SDI/CVBS

    Support HTTP/RTSP/UDP protocol

    Support for two-way audio transmission

    Support transparent network / serial port (option)large rate transmission

    Adaptive multi-video format input

    Configuration menu real-time to preset

    Highly integrated modular design

    Small size, light weight, easy to carry, using heat sink aluminum housing